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Mill Creek Team Participates in Virtual Dementia Tour

October 1, 2021
Currently, more than fifty-five million people live with dementia worldwide. Roughly fifty percent of residents in assisted living and nursing homes have some sort of dementia or cognitive impairment. At Mill Creek, we recognize how important it is to provide quality care to those affected by dementia. We understand that working with this group requires a specific skill set and extensive care. Even though we work with those affected by dementia every day and can sympathize when we see the frustration, when we see the confusion, it is hard to say that we can even begin to understand what it is like for these residents.

Recently, Mill Creek’s staff had the opportunity to participate in a Virtual Dementia Tour. Our staff members were outfitted with eyewear that distorted their vision, audio devices that modified their hearing, and equipment that altered their sense of touch in their hands and feet. Once they were suited up, they were given a set of simple everyday tasks such a setting a table, folding laundry, putting on clothes, and taking a drink of water. Some participants spoke loudly, asked several questions, and some even became very frustrated and anxious. This informative virtual simulation enables caregivers to experience for themselves both the mental and physical challenges those with dementia face on a day-to-day basis.

We have had several staff members provide positive feedback from their experiences and continue to reference those experiences. Some stated that it opened their eyes to how some of our residents feel on a daily basis, how scary it must be for them, and how they had no idea how tough it could actually be living with this disease. Others stated that they felt a sense of sorrow and helplessness for those living with this disease and have developed more compassion from it. Most expressed that while it was tough to finish the tour, it was worth it in the end. They are now able to have even more empathy and patience while taking care of our residents suffering from dementia.

We would like to give a huge thank you to Sheila Milburn for providing both the tools and the opportunity of this program to our staff. This provided an immediate and lasting change of perception to staff to help further the compassionate care provided here at Mill Creek!

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