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Granting Birthday Wishes at Galion Nursing Home

September 26, 2019
One of our resident's birthday wishes was granted when we took her to a draft horse farm. Her daughter Jackie went with us on this journey. Phyllis wished that she could train racehorses, as this is something she and her late husband did for a living.
Tom was kind enough to allow our resident visit his farm. Tom walked two draft horses out of their stalls for her to pet and touch. She reminisced with staff, her daughter, and this farmer about raising and training her horses. Some items discussed were veterinarians and the names of trainers. Phyllis shared many stories with a tear in her eye.
On our way home from the farm, she told us her favorite food was a cheeseburger. A stop at Burger King was made to purchase a cheeseburger and a coca-cola.
The activity director is glad that she had the opportunity to make her wish come true.

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