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Galion Nursing Home Honors Employee

February 28, 2020
Galion, Ohio - Pam Bond has worked at Mill Creek for eleven years. She has transitioned from a 1st STNA to the restorative/shower aide. She interacts with the residents when working with them, allowing them to express themselves. Pam offers a quality of life to each person, talking to them about their lives. Pam is energetic, having a positive attitude. It this uplifting attitude and her personal interactions that make Pam so special. She is constantly bringing a smile to the faces of our residents, which can help set the tone for the whole facility. Her smile is contagious and spreads throughout the building as she walks restorative residents up and down the hallways. We have had long term resident's eager to be done with therapy because they miss their restorative time with Pam. Pam will come in early to assist with ADL care if needed. Pam also can be seen in the kitchen, working as a cook as needed. We have recently had Pam assist with interviews for STNA's to help us find more associates that have the same great qualities as Pam. At this most recent Resident Council meeting, Pam was recognized as one of the three employees that were recognized by the residents for her exemplary performance.

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